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PowerDeck is a multi-user and multi-platform system for immersive digital review and collaboration developed by PowerUp Company. It provides a simple and streamlined workflow, enabling very quick iteration time and turnaround for native CAD data and other digital formats. The review can be conducted on a PC/MacBook, desktop-based VR workstation, CAVE system, free-roam backpack-based VR, or on all of them at the same time. Users can connect from the same room or the other side of the world, unlocking the true potential of collaboration.

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  • Support for a multitude of native CAD formats as well as tessellated/mesh formats such as FBX or OBJ

  • From data import to VR session in a matter of minutes

  • Supported platform examples: Windows Mixed Reality HMD (HP Reverb), 4-wall CAVE system, VRgineers XTAL

  • Simple integration of almost any existing immersive platform

  • Up to 24 simultaneous users, each on their platform of choice

  • Local or remote network

  • Standard digital review tools such as laser pointer, annotations, and cross-section

  • Voice communication

  • Robust recording system, allowing archiving and playback of the session at any time

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