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Blue Effect, Golem, Arachnoid, and Meet the Dinosaurs are projects proudly made by developers and designers from DIVR LABS s.r.o. Intellectual property belongs to this company we are part of.

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Blue Effect VR

Dropped off in a dark, forgotten world, you are armed with your futuristic Blue Effect orb to light your way, and your beam pistol for protection, as you are pit against malicious creatures. Biomechanical beings that were said to be a myth. Will you fade away into the darkness or survive to see the light?

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Golem VR

Travel to the renaissance Prague during the reign of Rudolph II. Your goal is to find the famous Rabbi Loew’s workshop, where he hides his mystical creation. Solve a series of riddles to prove your worth and meet the Rabbi himself. Attend a magical ritual and help Rabbi revive the legendary Golem and find out what happens next.

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Arachnoid VR

You’ll be sent back in time to restore communications with a secret lab deep under the ground. Only something goes wrong and you end up trapped in the narrow mine tunnels, fighting for your survival. Will you complete the mission and safely return home, or play with the dangerous technology and find out what happened to the careless personnel?

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Meet The Dinosaurs

You’ll travel 80 million years into the past to find traces of an unknown dinosaur species. Explore the jungle, collect data for scientific research and meet iconic dinosaurs in person. Fly with pteranodons, take a selfie with Tyrannosaurus Rex and be the ones to discover the legendary dinosaur in this extraordinary adventure.

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Image by Lux Interaction


Work: FAQ

Are you interested in new projects?

Although the studio DIVR still remains our project no. 1, we are open for agency projects with a scope from 3 to 6 months.

Do you do free-roam VR projects only?

Our biggest expertise is in free-roam virtual reality projects but we can use the lessons learned for a broad variety of VR applications - from games to serious experiences, from standing-only experiences to in-car experiences.

Are you hiring?

We're not hiring for full-time jobs currently, but don't hesitate to drop us a message as we can work together on a freelance basis.

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